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South Africa is home to many outstanding land-based local casinos that hold their own up against the likes of Vegas and Reno. Some would dare to argue that it is impossible to replace the convenience of SA online or mobile casinos, unless of course, you are ready to take your gaming to a whole new level of fun.

If you want to locate land-based casino action closest to you, it's as easy as choosing your favourite cuisine. Our experts have chosen some of the best casinos near me and you for maximum enjoyment. Imagine sitting next to some of the top poker players in South Africa or winning a mega jackpot on one of your favourite slots closest to you. Instead of jumping for joy in the privacy of your own home after winning online, you have people gathering around you cheering you on. Check out our guide to gambling in South Africa if you have any more questions.

Top Local Casinos in Detail

Sun City Casino Resort

If you want 24 hours of gaming fun, then Sun City is for you. With more than 40 casino table and card games and well over 800 slots situated along 125 thousand square feet, there's a whole lot of casino action that awaits you. Slots are always available 24/7 while other games may be bet starting from 1 p.m. and extending into the morning hours. There's a VIP experience awaiting those who become members of MVG, as they then gain entrance to the very special Salon Privé.

Sun City Casino Resort

Gold Reef City

The Gold Reef City casino is luxurious, beautiful, and sophisticated. Those in Johannesburg looking for hot casino action love playing at Gold Reef City. Slots number 1,700-plus and there's blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette and many other casino games that you can play at their 50 gaming tables. Many players love the fact that there are smoking and non-smoking sections while others simply like the convenience of being able to play at a casino 24/7.

Gold Reef City


MonteCasino is big, beautiful, and extremely popular! Find your special spot or seat at one of their baccarat, blackjack, craps, or roulette tables or locate that one slot machine that is yours alone. You're bound to find it, as there are over 1800 of them. Known as "Johannesburg's Favourite Casino,” MonteCasino includes one non-smoking casino, where smoking is strictly prohibited, and two casinos where smoking is allowed. There are over 70 gaming tables, a wide range of stakes available, and an exclusive Salon Privé for high stakes players.

montecasino SA

Emperors Palace

There are close to 70 gaming tables, including blackjack, roulette, and craps, and more than 1,700 slot machines at the Emperor's Palace. You'll be able to game seven days a week and 24 hours a day in their nicely ventilated smoking area or in the casino's non-smoking section. In addition to the Main Casino, the Emperor's Palace includes a range of gaming areas such as semi-private locations, their exclusive Privé sections, and the Winners Circle.

Emperors Palace


The largest land-based casino in South African is the GrandWest in Cape Town. Avid slots players will find that the casino's more than 2,500 smart card machines, which don't require you use cash, are extremely convenient and easy to play. This seven-day-a-week casino is very active as it includes 80 gaming tables where you can enjoy roulette, craps, blackjack, baccarat, and many other popular table and card games. High rollers will love the tables where limits are extremely elevated. In addition, the Salon Privé serves premium members with the very best of everything.


The Boardwalk

In Port Elizabeth's Nelson Mandela Bay region there's the beautifully and exquisitely situated Boardwalk Casino. The casino, which is the only licensed gaming room in the area, includes casino tables featuring blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and many other popular games of chance. In addition there are hundreds of slots. Both smokers and non-smokers are welcome any hour of the day and seven days a week. Boardwalk Casino offers special benefits to MVG members.

boardwalk SA

Land Based Casino FAQ

How will I know which land based casino is for me?

Like choosing a fine wine, finding a casino of choice comes down to taste and location. Some prefer more intimate casinos with fewer slots and table choices. Other players like big, bold, and beautiful venues. Regardless, you can be assured that South African casino owners and operators believe in providing you the guest an out of this world experience. With so many wonderful land-based casinos to choose from, as well as the option of online casinos and mobile, your satisfaction is their top priority. You will want to look at what games are offered and how many, and what software has been implemented for slots games. We all have our "lucky slots." Identifying what table games are offered as well as when they are available is equally important.

It is like choosing what music to listen to. Some love rock n' roll, others love classical, and others want to settle into a nice peaceful rhythm. Don't forget to make sure that they have an onsite hotel. You don't want to lose a single beat.

Should I stay at the casino’s hotel?

You are having a great time, moving from high action slots to smoking hot table games. The fun has just begun. The last thing you want to do is to stop the action and start heading home. This is your getaway, a time to treat yourself like the special person that you are. So, absolutely staying at the casino of choice closest to you ensures that you attain the full-Monty experience. Don't worry about it costing an arm and a leg. It is relatively standard for casinos with hotels to offer comps that will make your stay affordable if not downright free. Casino hotels quite often offer luxurious rooms and accommodations. It is their desire to have you as an overnight guest. They are in the hospitality business and you are their guest. Go ahead don't be shy, live the life of Riley.

Can I get comps at a local casino?

Just in case you are a newbie to the world of land-based casinos, comps are free rewards that are given to casino players for playing at the casino. The amount of the comp is based upon length of play, money won and lost, as well as how much money is played. Comps can be used for a variety of items such as, meals, entertainment, spa services, and in some cases free or reduced rates on rooms. The first thing players should do upon entering a casino is to find out what their comp system is as well as obtain a player's card. Casinos have special staff members whose whole purpose is to treat players right. If you are a high limits player or table game player such as poker or craps, you will be dealing with a personal host and sometimes pit personnel. They will keep track of your play so you are certain to receive appropriate comps. Casinos provide comps as an incentive to stay long and play long. Contrary to popular belief, they love winners. Winners are their top promoters.

Are land-based casinos safe?

Land based casinos are indeed safe. Many even equate casino security to that of airports. In fact, they are superior and the only time you have to take off your shoes is when you retire to your luxurious hotel suite. Due to very strict gaming regulations world-wide, not only are casino operators responsible for keeping a careful eye on their guests, but regulatory commissions are also keeping a close eye on those who keep a close eye on you. It is truly a comfort to know that your best interest and safety is at the centre of a quality gaming experience.

How much can I win at a land based casino?

There is really no minimum or maximum win. It comes down to you determining how much you can wager. The more you play, the greater your chances of winning big. It will also help to increase up those valuable comps and future offers from the casino. Sometimes it all comes down to luck being on your side. It is always important to establish how big your bankroll is and then to stick with it. Whether you are planning a special getaway for yourself or for friends and loved ones, land based casinos provide hours of memorable experiences. Get ready to have all of your senses celebrate good times.

South Africa Gambling Resources

Problem Gambling South Africa

This resource provides information on spotting the signs of a gambling problem and offers solutions and guidance to help addicts on their way towards recovery. South Africa Problem Gambling Website

South Africa's National Gambling Board

The National Gambling Board provides information on domestic legislation on gambling and is a good place to report any fraud or corruption. The National Gambling Board also provides updates on news related to the industry and answers your FAQs. National Gaming Board

Responsible Gambling Programme

A resource with a free helpline and plenty of information on public awareness, prevention and active schemes that involve promoting problem gambling issues within the education system. Responsible Gambling - National Programme