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Key Game Features

Reels 5
Jackpot amount 20,000
Paylines 9
Max. wager 18
Payout % 96.95%
Bonus round No
Software Microgaming
Max. payout 20,000
Theme Around the World
Jackpot type (normal/progressive) Normal

5 Reel Drive Slots Overview

It’s time to hit the road and start racing with this vintage-style Microgaming slot. The biggest question is, can it get up to speed without a bonus round? Find out all you need to know in our 5 Reel Drive slot review. We’ll determine whether this game is born to be wild, or stuck on the hard shoulder with a flat tire!

5 Reel Drive is a simple slot game, but there’s a lot to cover. In our expert review, we’ll break down details of this game such as:

  • The advantage of its very high Return To Player rate
  • How the game compensates for the lack of a bonus round
  • What sort of jackpot and payouts gamblers can expect from playing

Very high RTP

Much higher than most video slots


Winding Road wilds

No multiplier, but substitute for symbols


Nine paylines

These make for a straightforward game


Police scatters

Scatter wins added to payline wins


  • Extremely easy to get to grips with
  • High RTP means more regular wins
  • Wilds and Scatters to help players out
  • Reasonable jackpot at Max Bet


  • No bonus round
  • Not particularly exciting gameplay
  • Superseded by a Mega Moolah variant

Top 5 reasons why we rated 5 Reel Drive: Good

  • 1
    Very high RTP of nearly 97%
  • 2
    Decent payouts from Max Bet
  • 3
    Lots of standard-play wins
  • 4
    Simple and easy to get started
  • 5
    Fun Americana theme

Review of 5 Reel Drive Key Features

How to Play 5 Reel Drive

There's a reason why 5 Reel Drive is one of the easiest slots for beginners in 2023... This slot game has no bonus rounds or any flexibility on the number of playable paylines. While this might sound like a disadvantage, a lack of complicated features makes the game easier for you to understand. If you've played any other 5-reel game, you'll feel right at home. If not, the only thing to learn is how to set your desired betting amount per spin. You can click or tap the stack of coins icon to do so.

The game's quirky Americana theme is fun but not hugely unique. It was recycled for Microgaming's 5 Reel Drive Mega Moolah variant, released a year after this title. Only a couple of symbols are animated, meaning this game is somewhat lacking in exciting graphics. With so many stunning slots available, 5 Reel Drive slots isn't a visual standout.

If you're a player who usually enjoys slots with over nine paylines, you might feel like you're missing opportunities for extra profit. There are strong potential wins, but you may notice some spin outcomes are not winners in the normal paylines you'd expect.

5 Reel Drive Jackpots and Bonuses

You’re in for a short review of bonuses, since there is no 5 Reel Drive bonus round! It’s hard to believe there are such popular slots in 2023 without free spins or other bonus features.The only element which comes close is the Scatter symbol. These symbols are like bonuses in the sense that they don’t need to appear on a payline for a win. Despite this, the lack of real bonus rounds might deter some players.

There is however an argument against this. As the game has a very high RTP of almost 97% (along with low volatility), this means players should lose less money overall compared to riskier, big money slots with bonus rounds. Unfortunately, this still won't be good enough for some bonus-hunters.

The news isn't any better for jackpot-seekers. This game will max out at $10,000 for lining up five jackpot Flaming Wheel symbols. Although there are nine paylines, the game doesn’t have stacked symbols. This means you won't win more than this amount on a single spin.

5 Reel Drive Mobile Options

With quite simple graphics and audio, the 5 Reel Drive mobile slot loads quickly on all devices. This is handy for anyone using older smartphones and tablets. Some handsets might struggle with the more high-octane, animated slot titles of 2023. The minimal interface, with one large Spin button, is well-suited to small mobile screens.

The lack of a bonus round makes this game ideal for playing on the go, as mobile players generally prefer shorter sessions. You won’t get sucked into waiting for that bonus round to trigger! There’s no obligation for long sessions waiting for the free spins you’ve been chasing.


Overall, considering certain elements of our 5 Reel Drive slot review, it could be said that this game is fairly old-fashioned. This chimes well with its old Americana theme and the diner fare that it depicts. However, our experts think a better word for describing the game would be ‘classic’.

Released in 2008, the game now competes against flashier games with bonuses and mini-games. One such game from the same developers and in the same series – Mega Moolah: 5 Reel Drive – is a better game in nearly every way. With a massive progressive jackpot, more paylines, but a lower RTP, it has more of the features that fans expect. It’s difficult to recommend the original 5 Reel Drive online slot over its progressive jackpot cousin.

The target audience of players is certainly online slot beginners. Another group would be players with minimal graphic capabilities on their device. If you’re not in either category, you might not be so thrilled with this slot game!

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