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Key Game Features

Reels 4
Jackpot amount 30x coin value
Paylines 50
Max. wager 750 credits
Payout % 94.8%
Bonus round Yes
Software IGT
Max. payout 250,000
Theme Food
Jackpot type (normal/progressive) Progressive

Candy Bars Game Overview

A unique layout, sugary sweet theme and interesting jackpot structure mean that a Candy Bars slot machine definitely stands out from the crowd. Is that a good thing, though? Well, it really depends on what you want from a slot!

You’ll find out more in our Candy Bars review below but, for example, this game probably won’t be for you if you’re all about racking up free spins. If you want something a little bit different from the usual 5-reel slots out there, however, then it might be right up your street.

  • Check out Candy Bars’ jackpots
  • Play the game for yourself
  • Enjoy enticing bonus features

Three local progressives

The more you play, the more you could win


Average of 93.35% RTP

Honestly, this is a little on the low side


Distinctive approach to bonuses

Avoid if you’re all about the free spins!


Large number of paylines

Always good to have lots of ways to win


  • Interesting layout and interface
  • Expanding wilds with multipliers
  • Three progressive jackpots
  • Lots of paylines for the number of reels


  • No free spins/traditional bonus round
  • Quite a high variance title

Top 5 reasons why we rated Candy Bars: Excellent

  • 1
    Interesting take on traditional slot mechanics
  • 2
    Lower house edge in bonus modes
  • 3
    High “local progressive” jackpots
  • 4
    Large possible bet range
  • 5
    Cutesy Candy Crush style visuals

Review of Candy Bars's Key Features

A unique slot anyone with a sweet tooth can enjoy guilt-free

When you first land on a Candy Bars online slot, you might think that your mind is playing tricks on you. Take a closer look though, and you’ll see that your first impression was absolutely correct; the game only has four reels! Maybe it was inspired by the shape of a Kit Kat…

Regardless of how the game got its layout, with a sizeable 50 paylines it certainly makes for an interesting playing experience. Throw in an intriguing jackpot structure – more on that below – and you’ll see why many Candy Bars slot reviews have given the game credit for making waves over the past few years.

We’ll pre-warn you now that, because the game involves progressive jackpots, it’s a tricky one to find in free play mode. If you want to take it for a spin, you may need to roll with the game’s minimum bet to determine whether or not it’s one you enjoy.

Symbols that’ll have you feeling like a kid in a candy store

The name of the game here is candy – gumdrops, peppermints, lollipops and chocolate make up the game’s symbol library. Oh, and for some inexplicable reason, the number 7. It all looks appealing enough, although we’re very aware of the fact that these cutesy cartoon graphics might be a little saccharine for some people’s tastes.

No free spins? Is that a typo?!

Nope, what we said right there is absolutely true – there’s no typical bonus round, i.e. one with free spins, in Candy Bars. Tips your opinion towards the negative side, right? It may be lacking in the free spins department, but it does have some other features to make up for it.

For example, the game offers up plenty of stacked wilds, local progressive and standard jackpots, blackout wins, multipliers and much more. And you only need to land a couple of wilds on reels 2 and 3 for a combined multiplier of 4x!

An oh-so-sweet jackpot with a difference

We pretty much always suggest using the maximum number of credits when you hit the slots, not because hammering Bet Max makes it more likely that you’ll actually win but because it means that you’re usually in the running for life-changing sums of money if you do get lucky.

It’s even more advisable to use the maximum number of credits when playing a Candy Bars slot because the game’s progressive jackpots actually get larger the more you spend. With the maximum progressive jackpot worth a cool quarter of a million, you’ll need to use the most possible credits if you want to win big.

Break out the candy wherever you are

Provided you can find an online casino app or a responsive site offering the chance to chase a Candy Bars jackpot, we think this is a great game if you’re looking for something to play on your smartphone or tablet.

The game’s bold and bright layout, with its four over-sized reels, could have been made with smaller screens in mind and performs just as well on mobile as it does on a laptop or desktop. Plus, the absence of a traditional free spins bonus round means it’s nice and easy to dip in and out of for a while if you can’t give afford to give a game your full attention.

Sugar, spice and all things nice

The 4x4 layout of the Candy Bars casino game – very different from the 5x3 format of most slots – and nontraditional bonus features mean that it’s a slot you’ll probably either love or hate. With a large jackpot, a big range of possible bets and lots of paylines there’s plenty to like here but your opinion of the game will be down to personal taste.

With Candy Crush still performing well in the mobile games charts, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a sequel or some other update to Candy Bars (online slot review of that to follow!) appearing in the not too distant future. Until then, you just need to decide if the prizes it offers are worth persevering with slightly dated graphics.

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