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Return to player
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Key Game Features

Reels 5
Jackpot amount 10,000x credit value
Paylines 20
Max. wager 200
Payout % 95.03%
Bonus round Yes
Software IGT
Max. payout 100,000
Theme Egyptian
Jackpot type (normal/progressive) Fixed

Cleopatra Game Overview

Often imitated, but never duplicated, the Cleopatra casino game is a true classic that will be familiar to anyone who’s ever gambled in a bricks and mortar venue – just about every gambling floor in the land has at least a few Cleopatra slot machines scattered around!

The game has now been available on the web for a number of years too and, thanks to a very solid bonus round and its appealing luxe visuals, it’s an incredibly popular game to play in online casinos as well. You’ll find out more in our detailed Cleopatra review below but the headline is this: this game is about as safe a choice as they come.

  • Try to capture riches a Pharaoh would envy
  • Check out what was, when launched, a revolutionary bonus round
  • See where to give Cleopatra slots a try for yourself

Classic theme and gameplay

Almost everyone has heard of Cleopatra!


Decent RTP of 95%

Should help with keeping your losses low


Lots of free spins

We knew we could count on Cleo for some freebies…


Multiplying wilds

Can turn even small wins into something significant


  • 3x multiplier in the bonus round
  • Good number of free spins
  • Attractive, if busy, visual theme
  • Decent fixed jackpot


  • Not many paylines
  • Big wins can feel hard to come by

Top 5 reasons why we rated Cleopatra: Excellent

  • 1
    Nice bonus rounds with a 3x multiplier
  • 2
    Appealing visuals and sound effects
  • 3
    A true cult classic with gamblers around the world
  • 4
    Large range of potential bets
  • 5
    Pretty reasonable house edge

Review of Cleopatra's Key Features

A 5-reel slot that’s more iconic than the pyramids at Giza

Let’s be honest: Egyptian themed slots are EVERYWHERE on the web, and in land-based casinos for that matter. What newbies to the gambling world might not know is all of that started with IGT’s Cleopatra online slot.

Thanks to its decent RTP % (but a variance that’s high enough to make the game feel like a challenge) and a bonus round comprised of lots of free spins with a generous multiplier, Cleopatra has an endearing quality that’s enabled it to last for MUCH longer than many slots could hope to.

It’s not perfect, though later versions of and sequels to the game have tried to iterate on Cleopatra’s classic formula, but it still represents a truly reliable slot in a world of transient and volatile games. A quick trial of the game in free play mode should give you a flavor of why Cleopatra is still beloved in 2023.

For Cleopatra, only gold and jewels will do

Symbols in Cleopatra include assorted hieroglyphics, like scarab beetles and the Eye of Horus. You’ll also run into stylized gold and bejeweled A, K, Q, J and 10 symbols, but you’ll be most excited to see Cleopatra herself – in addition to being wild, the lady doubles any wins she substitutes in!

The symbols themselves are bright and shiny, maybe even a bit gaudy, but they’re certainly evocative and conjure up images of land-based casino action in Sin City.

Turns out Cleopatra is very generous for a royal!

With 15 free spins (and the possibility to re-trigger more) and a 3x multiplier, you’ll definitely have your fingers crossed that you reach Cleopatra’s bonus round before your bankroll runs out. But one of our biggest Cleopatra tips? The game can be stingy with wins sometimes!

It’s not beyond the realms of possibility, for example, that you’ll go through an entire bonus round and experience just two or three wins. The bonus round still represents your best shot at cashing out with some extra pocket money, and we do have to say that the generous 3x multiplier usually evens things up so you come away with a decent win.

Using maximum credits is always a way to impress!

Ok, so maybe impressing Cleopatra isn’t the number one thing on your mind but we’d still advise that you play with the maximum number of credits when possible. That’s not (unfortunately!) because it’ll guarantee a win but because, provided your bankroll is sturdy enough to get you there, you’ll take home so much more cash in the game’s bonus round if you do.

With only 20 paylines available it’s possible to cover all of them without spending too much per spin thanks to the game offering some very small coin sizes. Bear in mind that, because coin size goes towards determining the size a Cleopatra jackpot, you might want to think about unleashing your inner high roller when playing!

From the office, bus or kitchen to Ancient Egypt!

By 2023’s standards, Cleopatra isn’t a particularly graphically intensive title. While that might be a little disappointing if you’re the sort of player who revels in fancy 3D graphics and flashy animated cutscenes, it does mean that this game is one that performs very well on mobile devices.

Because it’s such a popular game – Cleopatra online slot reviews from players and pros alike always tend to be positive – it’s available in plenty of casino apps and on responsive mobile gambling sites. In other words, you should have no problem finding somewhere to enjoy the game on your smartphone or tablet if you’re looking to kill a little time in style.

Cleopatra is a classic for good reason, and it’s here to stay

When it was first launched, Cleopatra was the first Egyptian themed slot to arrive on the scene. More than that, it shook up the traditional slot format by offering a (then) huge jackpot, along with a bonus round of 15 free spins and 3x multiplier.

Since then slots with more free spins and larger jackpots have arrived but, for whatever reason, Cleopatra (slot review sites may be partly responsible for this!) is still going strong. Maybe it’s because so many gamblers have fond memories of their first time feeding coins into a Cleopatra cabinet!

We think the game still has enough to offer that it’s worth a look for newer players as well.

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