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Key Game Features

Reels 5
Jackpot amount 10,000x stake
Paylines 10
Max. wager 100
Payout % 96.31%
Bonus round Yes
Software Merkur
Max. payout 250,000
Theme Egyptian
Jackpot type (normal/progressive) Fixed

Eye of Horus Game Overview

“ANOTHER Egyptian slot?!” we hear you cry. We’re afraid so and, given that this game was released in 2016, we can’t even give it a free pass for being around for a long time; that’s something we often do for games that are among the first to adopt a particular theme.

Still, Eye of Horus has a good enough jackpot and high enough RTP % (at 96.31% it’s much higher than some of its equivalents) that it’s worth tearing yourself away from games like Cleopatra and Book of Ra to check it out. You’ll find out more below in our full Eye of Horus review!

  • Find the best places to play an Eye of Horus slot
  • Jump into the game’s dependable bonus round
  • Check out Eye of Horus’ jackpots, graphics, gameplay and more

10 paylines

Honestly, we’d like to see a lot more ways to win


Very high RTP of over 96%

One of the highest RTPs around today


Good maximum payout

You’ve just got to be happy with a jackpot like this one


Autoplay available

Simply click and let the game roll for a while


  • Wide range of possible bets
  • Bonus round with re-triggers and upgrades
  • Minimal and uncluttered playing space
  • Very nice jackpot


  • No multiplier in bonus round
  • Graphics are old-fashioned

Top 5 reasons why we rated Eye of Horus: Excellent

  • 1
    RTP % is very high
  • 2
    Pretty good bonus round
  • 3
    Clean, simple and uncluttered
  • 4
    Jackpot is fairly high
  • 5
    Limited number of paylines

Review of Eye of Horus's Key Features

Take a trip to see the Pharaoh with this smooth 5-reel slot

When you think of ancient Egypt you probably don’t think of Germany, but that’s where this neat little slot was dreamt up. There’s definitely a bit of that German efficiency in here too, with a smart and intuitive playing area that’s free from any distractions or unnecessary decoration.

Its number of paylines may be small but its jackpot is large enough to entice plenty of players, to the extent that the Eye of Horus casino game is one of the most popular slots in Germany. Mind you, there may be a little bit of “hometown bias” in the mix there as well!

With its 3 rows and 5 reels the game is simple enough that you can simply pick it up and start playing but, if you want to get a feel for how the game works before doing that, you can always check it out in free play mode first.

Time to bust out your hieroglyphics dictionary!

While the game (and neither will our Eye of Horus slot review) doesn’t take things quite that far – all the info you need to decode winning symbols is available in the paytable – it does boast various Egyptian symbols you’ll need to get familiar with.

Horus (also known as Ra) appears, along with his distinctive eye naturally, but you’ll also find scarab beetles, birds, fans, dogs and assorted other symbols. Plus, there are some very plain 9s, 10s, Js, Qs, Ks and As thrown into the mix. Overall everything looks great, although the number of symbols seems quite high considering the fairly small number of paylines.

Horus’ bonus round is predictable but pleasurable

Like the title says, there’s nothing too fancy going on here: hit three scatters and you’ll get 12 free spins with a Horus Wild that upgrades certain symbols. You’ll also get the chance to unlock additional free spins if you land more wilds during the bonus round; 1, 2 and 3 wilds award 1, 3 and 5 free spins respectively.

Whether you prefer “added value” wilds or a multiplier during your bonus rounds comes down to personal taste, and you’ll likely already be forming your own opinion of Eye of Horus’ bonus round based on what we’ve written above. If we’re completely honest, we’d like to see a multiplier in the mix here…but you can’t always get everything you want!

Grab your archaeology gear and get ready to chase treasure!

An Eye of Horus slot machine has a maximum payout of a cool quarter of a million which, for a slot that’s not the newest kid on the block, is actually pretty impressive. It’s even more remarkable considering that the base jackpot is just 1000 for 5 scatters or Eyes of Horus.

In other words, there’s plenty to play for here and a high RTP of more than 96% means that your bankroll should stretch far enough to let you do so for a while. Even so, one of our Eye of Horus tips is that it’s often a good idea to cash out and call it quits for the day if you manage to trigger a bonus round relatively early on in a session.

Explore the pyramids on the bus, at work, in the pub…

Eye of Horus’ simplicity, which is one of the reasons players who enjoy flashier games might be put off using it on their laptop or desktop, turns out to be one of its saving graces when it comes to playing on a smartphone or tablet.

The fact of the matter is that compressing 3D games with fancy graphics so they run, and run well, on a small screen is very difficult. That’s not the case with simpler games that have an “old school” vibe like Eye of Horus. If you come across it in a responsive mobile casino or an online gambling app library, you could do a lot worse than to take it for a spin.

There’s still a place for Eye of Horus in your pyramid!

Best not to look too closely at that analogy, since the pyramids were actually tombs rather than dwellings, but the point stands – our Eye of Horus online slot review is that this is an extremely simple game, but it offers enough in terms of returns and jackpots that some players will really enjoy it.

The bonus round isn’t astonishing, by any stretch of the imagination, but offers a couple more free spins than many other slots and seems to be very good at replenishing a depleted bankroll, and often adds a little extra if you catch it early enough. Nothing fancy, but the Eye of Horus online slot is a decent enough option.

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